Chased de Clarissa Wild

éditeur : auto- éditions
date de parution : 12 février 2018
genre : Dark romance
design de couverture Booming Covers

Je suis salement riche... et impitoyable. Je vis pour la chasse. La proie.Mes désirs ne sont pas normaux. Mais les siens non plus... La fille que j'ai acheté. 
Elle est innocente et aveugle. Parfaite pour tous mes besoins pervers. Parfaite juste pour prouver jusqu'où je veux aller. 
Mais il y a juste un problème. Je suis tombée amoureux d'elle. Profondément. Durement. Rapidement. Même si je suis un mauvais gars. L'homme qui la garde enfermée. Je ferai tout pour la faire rester. Une chose est certaine ... Elle sera mienne. 

Attention: Ce livre contient des scènes très troublantes qui pourrait choquer les lecteurs.

Extrait en VO

Her whispers are like a drug to me.
I can’t stop listening, can’t stop fucking zoning out completely as she grabs my legwith those sweet little hands.
Her lips are so close to mine I can almost taste them. And I want to. So fucking bad …
I’m consumed with the thought of taking her, and for a second I’m almost tempted to do just that.
Grab her by her waist, tear off her clothes, rip down my zipper, and ram my cock into her dripping wet pussy.
But I know it’s all lies. All lies my mind spins to make me feel wanted.To make me feel good.
Because I’m not.I’m far from it, and she knows it.
When her fingers graze my dick, I grasp her wrist and stop her. She’s not doing this because she wants me just as much. She’s doing this because she wants out.
I’m being used. And I don’t like being used.
“Don’t,” I hiss, pushing her away.
She cocks her head and her tongue dips out again to lip those sweet little lips that I just want to conquer. “Tell me you don’t want this.”I narrow my eyes, unable to pull away even though I should.
Fuck. It’s so goddamn wrong. She’s my prisoner. I shouldn’t want her, and yet I do, and now she knows.
When I bought her, I never thought I’d succumb to my desires so easily. Maybe she’s found my weak spot.
Or maybe I’m really looking for salvation … and she’s the only one who can give it to me.
No. I can’t allow it.
“No,” I reply, lying through my teeth.
But I have to make a stand. Have to stop this from happening before it’s too late.
“I don’t believe you,” she says, inching closer again.
I immediately get off the couch, not giving a shit that my dick is rock hard because of her.
I won’t let her find out.

Clarissa Wild


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