For Finlay de J. Nathan

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A paraître le 30 janvier 2017
254 pages
11.05 € et 2.99 € en ebook


Finlay Thatcher est une âme perdue, plein de culpabilité après la mort de son frère jumeau. Quand le coach de foot d'Alabama lui a donné l'apportunité de travailler pour lui, elle sait que c'est sa chance de s'en sortir, même si cela signifie vivre le rêve de son frère.

Caden Brooks est le quaterback star de l'équipe d'Alabama. Il a tout. L'attention des fans qui l'idolatrent. Une petite amie  qui ferait n'importe quoi pour rester accrocher à lui. Et un avenir chez les pros. Tout se déroule juste bien jusqu'à ce que Finlay entre dans sa vie, le méprisant au premier regard et elle l'énerve comme personne.

Malheureusement pour Finlay, et son intentiond e garder Caden à bout de bras, il n'y a rien que Caden aime plus qu'un défi. Le problème avec ce défi est qu'elle possède un secret qui a le pouvoir de tout détruire. 

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Extrait en VO

“You’re awfully quiet this morning.”

My eyes cut to Brooks. His ear buds dangled over his shoulders. I tugged mine out. “Huh?”
“Just wondering what pearls of wisdom you’re gonna bestow upon me today.”

“You need to stop hesitating when you drop back,” I told him, much to his obvious surprise. “Either do it or don’t. Did you see how those guys pummeled you?”

“See it? I was under it.”

“Yeah, well, your offensive line sucks. But you can’t give the defense a chance to get to you. Know where you’re throwing and hit the mark. Your receivers are good. They’ll get there.”

He stared at me, his eyes narrowed slits.
I wiped my face with the small towel I’d draped over the treadmill screen. “Don’t worry, you’ve got potential.”

He laughed disbelievingly. “Potential? I’m the starting quarterback for Alabama.”

Those words—especially leaving his mouth—cut deep. The only reason he was playing was because Cole wasn’t.

“I’ve got more than potential,” he assured me.
“Yeah. You’ve got a massive ego ready to destroy small countries,” I said, my words clipped as I remembered why I despised him so much.
“All great athletes have egos. You’ve got to.”

Wow. My hatred toward him was growing by the second. “And you’re humble.”

He laughed. Didn’t he notice I wasn’t laughing? I hoped to God he didn’t think I was flirting. This was as far from flirting as one could get.

We ran in silence, the pounding of our sneakers on the treadmills mirroring the pounding in my head brought on by his arrogance.

“What’s your deal anyway?”
I glanced over at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Not many girls know so much about football and wake up at four in the morning to run.”

I scoffed. “Hope you’re not implying I thought you’d be here.”
“I didn’t say that.”
“But you were thinking it.”

He smirked. “You’d be amazed at the lengths girls go to get my attention.”

My eyes flared. “I suppose you think I took some crash course in football, too, just to impress you with all my knowledge.”

“Just saying.”
My face scrunched as I pressed the arrow on the screen to quicken my pace. “Keep dreaming, superstar.”
“Girls have done some whacked out shit.”
My eyes jumped between the wall in front of me and Brooks. “First of all, I’m not about to steal your towel because it has your sweat on it, nor will I be swiping your jockstrap to sell online. We, my friend, are victims of bad timing.”

“Bad timing?”
“Yeah. Anytime you’re in my space, it’s bad,” I assured him.

J. Nathan

J. Nathan est l'auteure de romance New adult For Finlay, Before Hadley, Until Alex, et Since Drew. Quand elle n'écrit pas, elle est une totale junkie de romance ! When she's not writing, she's a total romance junkie! Avec un mâle alpha qui est désagréable au début ... c'est encore mieux. Les fine heureuses sont indispensables. Les triangles amoureux et les gens négatifs sont le fléau de son existence. Sa famille, ses amis, les gars avec des casquettes à l'envers et les margaritas à la pastèques sont la lumière de sa vie. 
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