Modern love, tome 1 : The Bartender de Piper Rayne

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Modern love tome 1 :  The Bartender
Design de la couverture : Djordje Grbic
A paraître en auto-éditions le 1er février 2017


Qui pensait que dormir avec son ennemi pourrait être drôle ? 

Etait-ce une bonne idée de passer la première nuit debout ?
Euh, non. Probablement pas après coup.

Pour ma défense, j'avais ré emmenagé ans la maison de mes grands parents, javais perdu mon boulot de rêve, et un gars m'avait soutenu dans le petit bois.C'était comme si la vie avait soudainement tamponné LOSER sur mon front .

Donc quand le gars derrière le bar a commencé à me lancer LE regard... tu sais, celui qui promet que je vais crier son nom pendant quelques heures jusqu'au matin ? Quand ce gars avec une barbe de 3 jours parfaite pour un look débraillé,  des biceps débordant de son tee-shirt et un sourire arrogant, tu sais qu'il a gagné... quand il te donne ce regard, tu ne t'ennuies pas à connaître les différents paliers de séparations. Tu grimpes sur ce cheval et tu le montes !

Jeux de mots totalement prévu. Et précis ...

J'admets tout à fait que je suis désolée et que j'agis impulsivement , mais au moment où j'ai compris qui était le barman, j'étais prête à tomber pour lui.e

( je laisse la VO pour que vous jugez de la diificulté de la traduction )

An hour and a half later and hot stuff has come around the bar to take the seat beside me and join me on my mission to get shit-faced. I have to admit, I’m enjoying his company, but it doesn’t exactly make him Employee of the Year given the fact that he’s supposed to be working.
“Won’t your boss be mad that you’re drinking on the job?” I ask.
That damn dimple makes another appearance again before he answers. “Nah, he’s cool. It’s dead in here tonight. If anyone comes in, I’ll be sure they get what they need.” His gaze rakes up and down my small frame, and I get the distinct impression that he’s picturing me naked.
Jeez, I hope my nakedness looks amazing in his brain. Given the half-crooked smile on his face, I think it must. I wonder if his imagination is good enough to picture that dimple in my ass that doesn’t ever seem to want to disappear, regardless of how much I weigh.
As if he’s tempted fate with his words, the bell over the door dings and an older gentleman walks in and seats himself at one of the bar tables across the room.
“Be right back.” Cole pats my hand before he rises from his seat.
It was an innocent gesture, but it makes me think dirty things. The heat from his hand seeps up my arm like a bee sting and settles somewhere in my chest.
I watch him walk away and can’t help but notice the way his ass perfectly fills out his jeans. It bunches and flexes as his long strides take him across the bar. Maybe Lennon is right and it has been too long since I’ve been with a man.
It’s then that I realize that Tinder dude still hasn’t shown up. The bar isn’t busy, probably since it’s the middle of the week, and I’ve been chatting—okay, flirting—with Cole and hadn’t realized how much time had passed. I grab my phone from my purse and open the app to see that I have a new message.

Pussylickr69: Not coming. Sorry found someone else who wasn’t so much werk.

Fury causes my face to heat as I type out a quick reply that might be, and by that I mean most definitely is, alcohol-fueled.

Whiteebanter: Yeah, I can see how thirty minutes of conversation is too much foreplay for you. Fuck you and your lack of knowledge of the English language. You spell work with an ‘o,’ dipshit.

There. That’ll show him. With a frown, I drop my phone back into my purse.
“Everything okay?” Cole asks as he takes the seat beside me again.
I sigh. “Yeah, I just found out that Pussylicker isn’t coming anymore.”
Cole nearly spits out the sip of drink he’s just taken and has a coughing fit before he fully recovers. “Excuse me?”
“I was waiting for a guy from Tinder to show up, but he just ditched me because apparently it was too much work to have a drink with me before taking me back to his place to bang me.” I spin my glass in place on the bar top.
“You’re trolling for guys on Tinder?” Cole howls with laughter so hard he has to hold his stomach. I love the way the laugh looks on his face—the way it crinkles his eyes at the corners and how it showcases his perfect teeth. But all that aside, it’s irritating.
“It’s not that funny.” This guy might be hot, but right now he’s working my nerves.
“Actually, it is. Why the hell would a woman like you resort to finding someone to fuck on a dating site?”
The way the word ‘fuck’ rolls off his tongue has all my womanly parts contracting and wishing that it was an invitation to do just that. But never mind that, because I’m annoyed at him, I just barely remember through my drunken haze.
“What do you mean a woman like me?” I try to do air quotes around the last part, but my balance isn’t what it was three hours ago, and I almost topple off my stool, so I quickly grab on to the bar in front of me.
“Beautiful. Intelligent. Likable. Smartass.” He ticks each word off on one hand while he speaks and he says it like he means it. I hold his stare for a minute before realization dawns.
“Hey! I’m a B.I.L.F. You know, like a M.I.L.F. Only different.” I’m so impressed that I thought of that given my current state.
Cole chuckles with an amused gleam in his eyes. “Only better,” he says.
Our gazes lock for a beat and it’s at that moment I know that if I offer myself up to this guy, he’ll be more than willing to send me on the walk of shame tomorrow morning. Heat rushes into my cheeks and I look away. As much bravado as I had earlier about my Tinder escapade, I’m not sure I can do this. Be this girl so full of confidence that she bangs a stranger with no qualms about it.
My relation has crash-landed on the ground as I realize I’m not able to pull the trigger and make an advance toward him. I also know I’ll probably regret it forever because this man is so far beyond good-looking that it’s a speck in the rear-view mirror. Not to mention the fact that he’s sexy as hell and seems to be a decent human being. Which is more impossible to find in the Bay area than someone who doesn’t think they’re allergic to gluten.
I take a deep breath and finish the last couple of gulps of my drink and push the glass in Cole’s direction.
“Another, please.”
Cole tosses back the rest of his drink and I watch as his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat while the liquid slides down.
Damn. That is sexy.
Why is that sexy?
“I’m going to join you for another as well.” He gets up off his bar stool and before walking away he comes to stand directly behind me. “Assuming you want me to stick around?”
His breath washes across my neck and my ear and I close my eyes for a brief moment to enjoy the sensation. “I’d like that,” I say with all honesty.
“Good. I know the first guy let you down, but don’t worry… I’ve been told I lick pussy like a boss.”
And with that, he walks away while I struggle to keep my heart from pounding out of my chest.
I’m out of my league with this guy. I know it and there’s a good chance that he knows it, too.
But ask yourself this, ladies… if you were called up to the big leagues from the minors, would you say no?


Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne, ou Piper et Rayne, comme vous préférez parce que nous ne sommes pas une auteure mais deux. Oui, vous obtenez deux auteures pour le prix d'un. Vous vous demandez peut-être si vous nous connaissez ? Peut-être vous allez lire nos livres et vous le découvrirez. Peut-être pas. Est-ce vraiment important  ?

Nous avons tenté de nous tamponner nous même avec un label top secret. Nous avons voulu écrire sans justifications. Nous avons voulu ne pas être étiqueter dans un genre spécifique.Nous avons voulu donner aux lecteurs une histoire sans qu'ils soupçonnent ce qu'il va se passer. Chacun a ses auteures préférées, n'est ce pas ? Et quand tu prends leurs livres, tu t'attends à quelque chose de leur part. Que ce soit un super mâle, une angoisse pesante, un " heureux pour toujours", il y a quelque chose que cous êtes absolument certains qui va être inclus dans leurs livres.  Zut, nous sommes aussi des lectrices, nous faisons ça ...

Que pouvons -nous vous dire sur nous-même ? Nous avons toutes les 2 des kindle qui débordent de livres. Nous sommes toutes les 2 mariés à des hommes qui nous conduisent pour boire. Nous sommes toues les 2 des chauffeurs pour nos enfants. Surtout, nous aimons les héros torrides et les héroïnes bizarres qui nous font rre, et nous espérons que vous aussi.

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