The Game #1 à 7 de LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole

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A paraître le 6 juillet 2017
335 pages
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Que feriez-vous pour un millions de dollars ? Ou mieux que ne feriez-vous pas ? Joueriez-vous le jeu ?

Un contrat. Deux hommes. Trois joueurs.Quatre possibilités. Cinq règles. Six zeros. Sept jours.

Pas de safe word. Pas de questions. Une complète soumission. Joues-tu ?

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Extrait en VOt

"It's a simple question, really,” Preston says. “What
would you do for a million dollars?" 
Tobias smirks. "Or better yet, what would you not do?" 
Preston glances at Tobias, then back at me. "Would you
kill someone?" 
Tobias laughs, spreading his arms wide. "Would you
submit yourself then? Mind." He leans forward, locking eyes with
me. "Body. Soul." 
I swallow. My heart hammers against my ribs. And I glance at
the elevator, staring at the panel without buttons. “Submit…” I whisper,
mentally acknowledging that I am trapped.
"Complete subservience." Preston says. 
"Like a slave?" My skin crawls when I utter that
Tobias’s brow raises as he glances at Preston.
"Slave rather implies doing something distasteful, doesn't it?" 
A slow smile pulls at Preston's lips before he looks at me.
"It does. Slavery is to be debased and degraded. Submission is to
be protected." His eyes skate slowly over my
body. "Coveted. Revered. Cherished." 
These two men look like wolves, waiting, preying...and
although my stomach is unsettled, the allure swarming around
them is nearly undeniable. They are like the forbidden fruit.
One bite may kill you, but how will you ever know until
you taste it? 
me, sweetheart, you'll like it...for the most
part." Preston winks. 
offering you one million dollars in exchange for one week
of your time," Tobias says. 
"No amount of money is worth my dignity."
I go to stand, although I don’t know where I’ll go, but
Tobias grabs my wrist, subtly shaking his head. 
"Dignity?" he says, smirking. "And where
exactly will your dignity be when you're living on the
street?" My heart pounds unevenly in my
chest. "We offer you a salvation not many are afforded. One
million dollars for a mere seven days of your life." 
His hand is still wrapped tightly around my wrist. I
can't breathe. I can't move. His eyes have me pinned in
place. Slowly, I sit back down.
"Sweet Ella," Preston murmurs, standing up and
walking behind me. He places his hand on my shoulder, the heat of his palm
searing through me, "We know you have no money. No prospects. You're
about to lose your apartment..."  
My heart sits in my throat in a pounding lump. I'm frozen
with fear, and dare I say, curiosity.  
"You have no family, no one to fall back on,"
Tobias adds.  
"So tragic," Preston says, "what happened to
your parents."  
I shake my head, unable to form words. How do they know
this? How do they know these details about my life when I know nothing about
them? "I..." I grip the arms of the chair so hard, I fear my knuckles
may split.  
"No boyfriend. No job," Tobias says, inspecting
the cuff of his jacket as though the entire notion of my pitiful existence
bores him. "You've got nothing." His eyes flick to mine, imprisoning
me in their green depths. "But you are very beautiful."  

LP Lovell

Lauren Lovell est une auteure indépendante anglaise. Elle souffre d'un total manque de filtre entre sa bouche et ses pensées et ses amis te l'expliquent avant de la présenter et s'excusent pas avance.

LP aime avoir un retour de ses lecteurs donc n'hésitez pas à la joindre




Stevie J. Cole

Stevie J. Cole vit au fi fond des bois de l'Alabama avec son mari et ses deux précieuses filles . Elle a étudié pour la recherche épidémiologique du cancer mais a toujours eu une passion pour l'écriture. Certaines de ses histoires  vont vous mettre à nu, certains vont vous donner des cauchemars, mais l'unique chose qu'elle peut promettre est qu'elle veut toujours vous donner des histoire qui vous donnent des émotions.



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